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Kids Party Planner

Having a kids party is fun but not always as easy as you think it should be. We have put this planner together to help you make the processes as easy as possible. the timetable is a rough guide and is there to try and give you ideas to make the party go as smoothly.

4 to 6 Weeks Before

Planning ahead is well worth it. This way you know how many children are likely to be turning up. There is nothing worse than too many or too few turning up for the day. Too many you can just about cope with too few and it can be a disappointment for the child.

How many to invite

If you are going to be booking a venue then you need to decide quite early how many to people you are going to invite. Always worth remembering that in the school holidays some of the children will be away.

Choosing a time and place

If you are not going to be having the party at home then you will need to book a venue. This should be done well in advance to make sure you get the one you want

Deciding on a theme

There are many themes to choose from and we have plenty of them for a boy or a girl. Once you have decided on a theme be it a TV or film party or just some plain colours you have plenty of time to sort out the invitations.


If you are getting in an entertainer again you will need to do this well in advance. Choosing the theme with you child first is worth it as you may not want a clown at a Dr who party and you may want a magician at a Harry Potter Party

3 to 4 Weeks Before


This is the time to make or buy the invitations for the day and send them to the guests.

Games and activities

It is worth having a think about what you want to do and when you want to do it. First decide how long you want the party to last, decide when you are going to be having the food and how you want to end the party.
1. Greet guest and allow the kids to do what they like
2. have some organised games
3. food time, this may not take as long as you think
4. more organised games
5. give out party bags
6. guest leave

2 Weeks Before

Party supplies

Now is the time to start getting the items you need for the Party as you should now have a good idea of how many will be attending

Party food

It's a good idea to make your shopping list now as you can get in any frozen food in advance

The week before


Follow up on any invitations that you have not yet had a RSVP for so you can be certain of the final numbers
Make sure that you have ordered the cake or if that you are making your own that you have all the ingredients on you shopping list p>

2 to 3 Days Before

Make sure you have charged the batteries or have spares
Party bags
Make up the party bags before you go on your last shopping trip to make sure you have enough in each
Fresh food and any other items for the day

The Day Before

Prepare the remaining food and make sure you have taken any food for the party out of the Freezer.
Either pick up or cook the cake for the day. Best to do this the day before in case of problems
Party room
Make sure you have cleared plenty of space in the party room

The Party Day

Finish the last minute food preparation and lay out any snacks around the rooms
Party area
Set up the decorations blowing up balloons and hanging banners
Make sure all the games are ready and you know where everything is
The Party
Have as much fun as you can