Cars 2 Birthday Banner

Cars 2 Birthday Banner

Cars 2 Happy Birthday Wall Banner - 4.5 meters long and 12.8cm wide

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Brand:  Disney Cars
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Product Description

This Cars 2 happy birthday foil banner is 4.5 meters long and 12.8cm wide (5 yards x 5 inches). The words HAPPY BIRTHDAY are printed in white on a blue background with a red and white border. Lightning McQueen and friends are pictured on the banner.

This banner can be used as one complete length or separated to provide 3 sections.

Product Suggestions and Advice

Wall banners are great for party decorations with the use of tape or blu-tack. One of the ways to use this Cars Happy Birthday banner is to attach it diagonally to the front door of the house as a way to welcome the guests and in some cases it helps if it's the first time they have visited. As well as the normal placement on the wall the banners can also be used for edges of tables and mantle pieces. If your party is at a venue it is always worth checking that they allow you to bring your own decorations and also if they do what you are allowed to attach them with.


This item is not a toy. Not suitable for use by children. For decorative use only.

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