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Bratz Lucky and Charmed Party Decorations

Our selection of Bratz Lucky & Charmed themed party supplies and tableware.

Bratz birthday theme with tableware and matching decorations

The Bratz are featured on the tableware which has a mainly pink background and features various lucky charms.

We have added a selection of the more popular matching party items to the page. We also have a plain coloured tableware section so you can mix and match with our Bratz party theme especially white and pink. Please see other sections for general birthday bits and children's aged party items.

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Bratz Fashion Fierce Invitations

Bratz Party Invitations

Bratz Lucky & Charmed Party Banner

Bratz Lucky & Charmed  Party Banner


Bratz Lucky and Charmed Happy Birthday Letter Banner

£1.75   £1.25

Bratz Lucky & Charmed Plates 18 cm

Bratz Lucky & Charmed Plates 23 cm

Bratz Lucky & Charmed Party Napkins

Bratz Lucky & Charmed Party Table Cover

Bratz Lucky & Charmed Party Loot Bags

Bratz Fashion Buttons

Bratz Fashion Buttons


Bratz Fashion Buttons - pack of 4

£1.99   £1.49

Bratz Fashion Fierce Buttons

Bratz Fashion Fierce Buttons


Bratz Fashion Fierce Buttons - pack of 4

£1.99   £1.49

Bratz Party Napkins

Bratz Party Streamer

Bratz Party Streamer


Bratz Crepe Streamers 9.14 meters long and 6.98cm wide

£1.49   £1.25

Bratz Party Tablecover

Pink Balloons

Pink Balloons

Pink Pearlised Balloons

White Balloons

White Balloons


White Latex Balloons 30cm (12 inch) in packs of 10


White Balloons

White Pearlised Balloons

Pink Balloon Ribbon

White Balloon Ribbon

White Balloon Ribbon


White Balloon Ribbon 457 meters long and 5 mm wide


Pink Crepe Streamers

White Crepe Streamers

Pink Cello Gift Bags

Pink Paper Loot Bag

Pink Party Boxes

Pink Polka Dot Bunting

Page 1 of 1:    30 Items
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