Personalised Napkins

Friday, 11 April 2014

Personalised Napkins

We have started to produce our own uniquely designed personalised napkins. It's early days and we will be starting off with anniversaries and then moving on to weddings, engagements and the birthdays. As we will be testing each design on the different grades of napkins and foils we will take the time to make sure the designs work well before making them available on the site. So far we have added dinner and luncheon napkins for golden wedding anniversaries and they are available on cream and white napkins with a choice of metallic gold, red and silver printing. Next week we are planning on adding the same for both 25th and 40th anniversaries.

To create this napkins we will ask you to select your type and colour of napkins and metallic foil, you then have can have one or two lines of text that you enter yourself. From this information we create an artwork positioning the wording with the design. We then produce a negative from that artwork and start the plate making process. Once the plate has been created it attached to our hot foil printing machine which then heats the plate to between 120 to 150 degrees centigrade depending on the colour and napkin choice. The colour foil is then fed through the machine and the napkin is placed on the jig, this is then pushed against the plate and the foil is melted onto it and the napkin is printed.

We are currently planning on keeping the lead times as short as possible and normally we can push the next day deliver to as late a 4:00pm but with the napkins we will not be able to do this and the cut off time will have to be at 2:00pm sorry but we just can't make them that quickly.

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