New Party Bundles

Friday, 14 February 2014

Party Theme Bundles

We are now creating bundles for our party themes to start with we will be doing this for our most popular themes. These bundles will let you buy a set of items at a time rather than adding each item one at a time to your basket. Also these new sets will be cheaper than buying the items one at a time with discounts of up to 15% on some themes. There will be different levels of bundles and to start with we will be doing a basic bundle and a party bundle.

The basic bundle for each will normally include the following: - Plates, cups, napkins and table cover. This is a great way of picking up all the bits you need if you are doing the party food. The party bundle will include the same products as the basic bundle with the addition of party invitations and loot bags. We will also be adding some deluxe bundles once we have finished doing all the basic and party ones, with over 80 themes this might take a while. The deluxe bundles will have the additions of banners, balloons and other matching items.