How to have a successful kids party

Friday, 2 November 2012

How to have a Successful Kids Party

Here at Party Wizard we quite often get asked what makes a good party. While you would think it’s a simple answer unfortunately it’s not. It all depends on what sort of party it is who and how many will be attending and if there will be some sort of party theme. There are three main types, children’s parties, adults and occasions these being weddings, engagements, anniversaries etc. In this article we are going to try and help you with a child’s party

There is also a question of where the party will be is it at home or is it a hall. Fortunately there are some basics that will help you plan your party. First is working out how many people are going to attend make a list of all the families you are going to invite and work out if there are going to be siblings attending. This will help you decide if you need a hall or will be holding the party at home, if you think you need a hall then book it early. Then 4 to 6 weeks before the party you need to decide if you are going to have a themed party or not. The importance of this is that the child may want to have invitations for the theme they have chosen. Next send out the invitations to the families on your list and wait for the RSVP.

Once you have had all the responses back you should have a good idea of the numbers that are going to be turning up on the big day. If you have a few people being slow to respond give them a push it’s better to know than not. Now it’s a case of sorting out the theme if you are having one if not just skip this bit. Now while we do have a great selection of themes there is always the latest thing that nobody has produced any partyware for but the child still wants. This can be got round as normally if it’s on the telly there will be some merchandise that you can pick up. Once you have this you can match the colours of the theme with balloons and partyware if you are having food.

Now you know how many people are attending, the location and what the theme is it’s time to decide what you want to do on the day. First of all sort out the catering are you going to just have a cake will it be plain or match the theme you may need to order the cake in advance if it matches a theme. When it comes to the party food you have to consider if you are going to feed any adults that are there or just the children. Also are you going to use your own plates and cups or do you want to use disposable ones. It’s worth making a list for the catering as you can buy any frozen items well in advance and pick up the fresh items closer to the time.

The next stage is to sort out the decorations if you are having a theme that is easier, if not you can concentrate of the age of the child using banners and balloons. Most banners that are available come in long lengths with the pattern repeated three times so you do not need too many also most bunting can be split. With the balloons you need to check which way up they are printed as some are designed for helium and some for air.  There is also the option for using plain colours using balloons, streamers and partyware. We have a great selection of all these party supplies in our shop. Something else you need to consider is party bags and fillers for the end of the party. Another useful thing to remember if you are having the party at home is to clear plenty of space in a room.
Then there is thinking about the day itself, it is worth having a think about how long you want the party to last and breaking the activities down into sections will help this. The beginning of any party is quite simple it’s time to meet and greet. While you are waiting for the guest to arrive let the children do what they want. Once everyone arrives you may want to have some games already arranged for the kids. Always consider the types of games you have prepared some should be loud and hectic and some should be quiet. A good tip is to have a quiet game before you do the cake and food if you are having any. After this have a second games session again finishing with a quite game is always handy. At the end of the second games session give out party bags if you are doing them and the final stage is to say goodbye to the guests.

The final preparations for the party day should just be the last of the shopping for any fresh food and double checking you have what you need. Make sure that you have charged batteries or spare for any cameras or phones you are using to take the pictures. The cake has been picked up or cooked, if having party bags make sure there are enough for all the kids attending. The room or hall is cleared and ready for decorating. Any frozen food you have got in should be defrosted and read. You have your list of games and prepared any items you need for them.

The day of the party should start with any fresh food preparation you need to do including putting out any snacks. Set up the room or hall with decorations and blow up the balloons. With helium balloons it is important to do this on the day of the party as they will deflate if you fill them the night before. Make sure the games are ready and that you know where everything for them is. Finally enjoy the party.