Balloons bursting on hot days

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to avoid balloons bursting in the heatwave

It’ been a long time since this has come up, not since the last hot summer back in 2006 have we had this problem. First of all is the reason that balloons outside bust for no apparent reason and the ones inside don’t. When blowing up the balloons most people either us a balloon pump or the power of their own lungs and try and put as much air in as they can. This is fine on normal days or if you are going to use the balloon indoors. However, you are filling the balloons with room temperature air when using a pump and body temperature when using lung power. When the balloons are then placed outside on a hot day there is a difference between the temperatures inside the balloon the outside air. This causes the air inside the balloon to heat up and expand, the result unfortunately is a loud pop and a sad little piece of coloured latex where the balloon used to be.
To avoid the disappointment of losing you outside decorations when blowing up the balloons that are to be placed outdoors let out some of the air, so that they are not quite fully inflated. That way when the air expands to match the outside temperature the balloon should not burst unless of course you put them on a rose bush.
One last little thing  it really is recommended that  you use a balloon pump especially for modelling balloons as it really does make it a lot easier.