Birthday Cheer Party Invitations

Birthday Cheer Party Invitations
 Birthday Cheer Party InvitationsBirthday Cheer Party Invitations 

Birthday Cheer Party Invitations with Envelopes 14cm tall and 10cm wide when folded in packs of 8

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Packet Size:  8 Invitations and Envelopes



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Product Description

These Birthday Cheer party invitations are in packs of 8 and have envelopes. They are 14cm tall and 10 cm wide (5.5 inches x 4 inches) when folded. The word You're is printed in colourful large text on the front of the invite with the word invited printed underneath in white on a black background.

The inside of the invitation have the words For, Date, Place, and Time to allow you to complete the party details. This is all shown on a orange balloon design. The envelopes are white.

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