Infinite Birthday 50th Napkins

Infinite Birthday 50th Napkins

Infinite Birthday 50th Party 2ply Paper Napkins 33cm x 33cm in packs of 16

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Packet Size:  16 Napkins



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Product Description

These Infinite birthday happy 50th birthday napkins are 2 ply and in packs of 16. They are 33cm x 33cm (13 inches x 13 inches) approx. when opened out and 16cm x 16cm (6 inches x 6 inches) approx. when folded. The main design has Happy 50th Birthday printed in bright colours. The background is mainly black with grey dots. The border has brightly coloured stripes and spots.

Product Suggestions and Advice

Napkins are probably the most versatile of all the party tableware. They can just be put on the table on or next to the plate also they can be folded and put into cups and glasses or just folded into different shapes. These infinite birthday 50th napkins can be matched with our plates, cups, cutlery and table covers. They are great for a kids birthday party or a sit down meal.

2 ply means that these napkins have 2 layers of paper.

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