Birthday Cheer 50th Hanging Decoration

Birthday Cheer 50th Hanging Decoration

Birthday Cheer 50th Hanging Decoration pack of 3 with a 47.5cm (18 inch) drop

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Packet Size:  3 Hanging Decorations



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Product Description

This Birthday Cheer 50th hanging decorations contain 3 separate decorations, each has a black card with a colourful 50! and is suspended from a black swirl. The number 5 is coloured in red, the 0 in orange and the exclamation mark is in turquoise. The cards at the bottom of the streamers are 10cm (4 inches) in width and a 47.5 cm (1.5 feet) approx. drop and are suitable for indoor use only.

Suitable for indoor use only.

Product Suggestions and Advice

Hanging decorations are ideal for any room. This Birthday Cheer 50th hanging decoration can be used by hanging from the ceiling using blu-tack tape or drawing pins. This decoration is also great when used in a doorway or at a window.


This item is not a toy. Not suitable for use by children. For decorative use only.

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