Happy Birthday Pink Hearts Tablecover

Happy Birthday Pink Hearts Tablecover

Happy Birthday Pink Hearts Rectangular Plastic Tablecover 259cm long and 137cm wide

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Product Description

This pink hearts plastic table cover is 259 cm long and 137 cm wide (102 inches x 54 inches) approx. This tablecover is mainly bright pink with light pink hearts. The words Happy Birthday are printed in pink with white border. These words are repeated several times along the edge on the two longest sides. This table cover may be re-used but should be washed between uses.

Product Suggestions and Advice

These pink hearts plastic table covers can be matched with our cups, napkins and plates. You may also want to consider using plain coloured table covers with the themed ones as this can make long tables look great and also be used to highlight the colour of the theme. They are ideal for a buffet, birthday party or a sit down meal.

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